Walk-In Van

Utilimaster’s walk-in van is the industry-standard for delivery and service vehicles. Built on a purpose-built chassis ready to shoulder your load, the walk-in van has maximum versatility and interior design capabilities, with a highly modular cargo area and multiple side and rear door configurations. We customize every walk-in van to increase driver productivity and safety. Options include interior fold-up or fixed shelving, E-track systems, cargo load bars, work counters, bins, compartments, and more.

At a Glance

  • Low step-in cab and rear door height provide optimum points of entry and exit
  • Full stand-up height in the cab and cargo areas optimize ergonomics
  • Larger windshield for optimal visibility

Available Length:

12′ to 30′

Available Height:

81″ or 85″

Available Width:

86.5″ or 93.5″



Innovation starts with smart separation.

At Utilimaster, we’re driven by innovation. We’re always looking for fresh new ways to help your fleet run better. That’s why we take to the streets and talk to fleet managers and drivers to learn as much as we can to deliver smart solutions.

An elegant example of innovation at work. SafeLoad is a unique in-vehicle material management system that stores soiled items in heavy-duty cloth bags that roll on a telescopic arm to bins outside the truck. This ingenious system gives your rep a clear aisle and easy access to clean laundry, ready for fast and easy delivery.

It’s a revolutionary design that provides driver safety, provides improved productivity, and ends the risk of soiled items contaminating clean goods.

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