For years, Utilimaster has served customers in the textile & linen industry, integrating best practices and efficiency improvements as a result.

Transporting garments poses unique challenges in terms of properly sorting, organization, and storing clothing.  At Utilimaster, we’ve developed strategic solutions, like locking rails and our unique SafeLoad System, that help improve productivity, enhance driver safety and prevent cross-contamination of soiled garments.

We believe that the right textiles and linens vehicles begin with the right fleet strategy.  Let us merge your business and route particulars with our vehicle expertise, and together create the best fleet plan for your needs.


Innovation starts with smart separation.

At Utilimaster, we’re driven by innovation. We’re always looking for fresh new ways to help your fleet run better. That’s why we take to the streets and talk to fleet managers and drivers to learn as much as we can to deliver smart solutions.

An elegant example of innovation at work. SafeLoad is a unique in-vehicle material management system that stores soiled items in heavy-duty cloth bags that roll on a telescopic arm to bins outside the truck. This ingenious system gives your rep a clear aisle and easy access to clean laundry, ready for fast and easy delivery.

It’s a revolutionary design that provides driver safety, provides improved productivity, and ends the risk of soiled items contaminating clean goods.