Isuzu Fast Build Program
Utilimaster and Isuzu have partnered together to deliver work ready chassis and bodies. These turnkey products are designed to meet customer demand while providing preferential build times and competitive pricing. Utilimaster operates two truck body facilities strategically located in Charlotte, MI, and Landisville, PA, ready to cater to the needs of Isuzu dealers across the nation. These facilities serve as hubs for fast-track manufacturing, ensuring a seamless process from order to delivery. The Isuzu Fast Build Body Program offers a standard group of options to meet the diverse requirements of your business. For Isuzu N-Series, 16’, 18’, and 20’ body lengths are available. For the Isuzu F-Series, 24’ and 26’ body lengths are available. The streamlined production process ensures a swift 5-week lead time once Utilimaster receives Isuzu chassis’, minimizing downtime and allowing your fleet to hit the road faster than ever.

Utilimaster bodies are built with high-strength, rivet-less Utiliplate and provide industry-leading warranty and build times.

Standard Features of the Utilimaster Truck Body with the Isuzu Fast Build Program:
  • Isuzu N-Series available in 16′, 18′, and 20′ body lengths
  • Isuzu F-Series available in 24′ and 26′ body lengths
  • Translucent Roof
  • 10 GA Galvanneal Rear Structure
  • Two Rows of E-Track
  • Utiliplate Body
  • Utiliplate roll-up door
  • 1-1/8” Hardwood Floor
  • 12” Eco Scuff
  • Liftgate options include Maxon TE-25L, MXT-33, GPT3, GPT5
  • LED Tail Lights
  • Ramp Ready Design (16’, 18’, and 20’ bodies):
  • Front Wall and Rear Floor Enforcements (24’ and 26’ bodies)
  • Pooched Bumper (N-Series) / ICC Bumper (F-Series)
  • Camera Mounting Capability
  • For added convenience and safety, if a camera is provided, Utilimaster will mount it to the rear header and seamlessly integrate it into the harness, offering enhanced visibility and security for your operations.