Unique fleets built by work-driven design.

From first light of day to your last mile, our job is to make sure your fleet keeps you efficient, safe, and productive. That’s why we’ve created and utilize a rigorous, consultative process called Work-Driven Design.

By understanding your needs, and riding along with your drivers, we can design and deliver the right vehicles with the right upfits to help you work smarter, faster, and more effectively.

After more than four decades and millions of miles on the road, we know how to build.


Before we spec anything, we spend the time to understand your business. It’s critical that we get to know the bigger context of your fleet operations. Hearing more about your organizational goals, business needs, and challenges helps us think strategically about how to improve your fleet productivity.


Once we understand your needs, we hit the road – literally.

Our engineers get out in the field with your drivers and conduct a productivity audit. We observe delivery processes, route navigation, driver safety, and operational details. At this stage, we often discover seemingly minor opportunities that can translate into major business results.


With a broad business context and a detailed driver experience, we design solutions that are specific to your fleet objectives. Designing with knowledge can make the difference that sets you apart from your competition and delivers measurable returns to your bottom line.


Our production is guided by the latest in continuous improvement methods. As we build out your fleet, we are constantly auditing for smoother logistics, more efficient processes, and additional cost savings. This process ensures our deliveries are always on time, on budget, and beyond expectations.


Once your vehicles are delivered, we enter into a new phase: that of a continued partnership. As your vehicles hit the road, we offer services that increase your fleet capacity and savings. And we’re always on the lookout for new opportunities that might further your goals. Think of us as an extension of your team.

Work Driven Design™ Process