Helping you keep your fleet road ready and street smart.

Your job is to maintain your fleet, so it runs safe, smart, and smoothly. Our job at Utilimaster Field Service is to be your single source of support to update, upgrade, and maximize your vehicles.

With regular inspections, we keep track of your equipment and can learn about your company’s always-changing demands and challenges. Then, we can recommend and install the latest in equipment and technology to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your fleet. Because when your vehicles are running at their best, it’s good for business.

Driven to keep you at peak performance.

Upgrades to update every vehicle.

As your vehicles put on more miles, they fall behind in technology. Utilimaster’s Field Service teams can help you identify and install the latest in convenience and safety equipment to add on and make your delivery and service calls faster, safer, and more productive.

Ongoing maintenance and upkeep.

No matter how often we inspect your fleet, our teams will help you identify and repair issues before they become big problems. Parts that take a lot of punishment like side mirrors, grab handles, shelves, and even paint can be addressed before something fails and takes a truck out of action.

We’ll come to you.

Our teams of highly trained and certified technicians do the work for you at your garage or facility. Plus, they’ll work around your company’s schedule to do their repairs and installations off-hours to ensure each vehicle’s downtime is kept to a minimum.

One stop. Full service.

We’ll do all the legwork for you—conduct inspections, research new technologies, spec new components, and manage the repairs and installations—so you can maximize your fleet without the need for multiple maintenance vendors.

Some of the Ways Utilimaster’s Field Service Team Can Help

Cargo Management Solutions

Add shelving, partitions, bins, drawers, racks, or whatever else you may need to keep your payloads secure and organized.

360-Camera Systems

Provides multi-view vantage points for your drivers to help avoid accidents and unnecessary damage to the vehicle.

Keyless Entry

Locks and unlocks vehicle with the click of the key fob—adds convenience, improves security, and speeds up deliveries.

Security Systems

Configure and install security systems and safety components such as back- up cameras and alarms and security systems to protect your vehicles, payloads, and drivers.

Replacement Parts

Field Service is here to fix parts before they fail to keep fleet vehicles optimized and on the road.