The innovative all-new Velocity M3 from Utilimaster is changing the proficiency of delivery and service. It combines nimbleness, comfort, and fuel efficiency with the cargo space, access, and capacity of a traditional walk-in van. Built with innovative features that improve cargo access, delivery efficiency, and driver comfort. Velocity M3 is the industry's most unique walk-in van that promises to accelerate business with unprecedented new speed.

The world's most advanced walk-in van.

Velocity Truck

Accelerated Access System.

Velocity M3’s smart technology will forever change driver access and productivity. Designed to shave seconds off every stop, doors open, close, and lock with the touch of a key or wrist fob. This gives drivers newfound freedom to grab a package or tools without slowing down or fumbling with door handles or keys. Valuable time is saved, along with wear-and-tear on your drivers. It’s a revolution in fleet vehicle access, security, and efficiency.

  1. Wider bulkhead doors.
  2. Automatic cab door.
  3. More ways to instant access.

Advanced technology built on a Sprinter chassis.

Velocity M3 is built on the proven foundation of a Sprinter chassis. Its shorter wheelbase gives way to improved turn radius abilities, key to high-frequency urban delivery. The unique aerodynamic design and energy-saving 6-cyclinder diesel engine offer up to 18 MPG fuel efficiency without sacrificing storage space, payload, or accessibility.


Next-generation comfort, convenience, and safety.

Your drivers need to be comfortable, secure, protected, and always ready for action. That's why Velocity M3's extra quiet cab, glide-off elevated seat, and push start & keyless entry are built around your driver's safety and productivity. Plus, the digital dash system provides a large in-cab vehicle intelligence monitor that displays vital information for navigation and safety.


Built to drive your business forward.

Whatever service, product, or good you deliver, Velocity M3's nimble maneuverability, automatic technology, and extra payload & storage provide you with the vehicle features and benefits you need to succeed.


Smooth moves, even on the outside.

Smooth exterior with no rivets lets you add your brand graphics with bold seamless decals. The lower body fiberglass cladding improves durability and is simple and inexpensive to replace if damaged.


Drive into the future with velocity M3.

Your business deserves the forward-thinking design, reliability, and efficiency of the world's most advanced walk-in van. Take the Velocity M3 for a test drive and you'll never go back to the traditional ways of delivering goods and services to your customers design.