Install new or retrofit a Rapid Driver Cooling System into your cabs.

On hot days, the inside of a walk-in van cab can feel like a sauna. That's not safe for your most valuable asset—your drivers. Especially when they're busy jumping in and out of the vehicle on multi-stop routes. Utilimaster comes to the rescue with a new patent pending Rapid Driver Cooling System that delivers instant relief with the touch of a button. Put them in now before the heat is on.

  • Retrofit into new or existing walk-in step vans
  • Focused and efficient cooling
  • Efficiently cools driver with multi-positional vents
  • Connects to OEM chassis HVAC system
  • Intuitive system controls can be added to the dash or to the overhead unit
  • Single overhead units available with 20,000 BTU cooling, 250 CFM
  • Dual system cabs available with 45,000 BTU cooling, 550 CFM
Rapid Seat

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