The popular Velocity family of hard-working walk-in vans is growing and moving in a powerful new direction. The Utilimaster Velocity R2 is here, with a GVWR of under 10,000 lbs. so you can avoid costly DOT requirements. Built on the modern Ram Promaster chassis, the R2 gives you the comfort and agility of a cargo van with the cargo space and access of a walk-in van.

Velocity R2

Nimble. Comfortable. Efficient.

This could be the delivery industry’s most efficient and accessible vehicle. Any driver can get behind the wheel, surrounded by advanced ergonomics for comfort, ease and safety. The Velocity R2 provides easy automatic bulkhead access to a spacious cargo area with stand-up headroom and plenty of space to handle custom upfit shelving.

  1. Under 10,000 lbs. GVWR
  2. Electronic Bulkhead Access
  3. Advanced Ergonomics

Easy bulkhead access for faster deliveries.

With the Velocity R2, there’s no need to walk outside and open the cargo door. Simply push a button and the high and wide interior bulkhead door opens automatically. So, there’s less wear and tear on your driver—allowing them to make more stops, more deliveries, and more impact on your bottom line.


Safety in every direction.

The R2 features the latest in premium safety technology to protect the driver, vehicle, and cargo. Our 360° camera offers clear, wide views for backing up, and the four bird’s eye cameras keep the driver fully aware of any potential hazard while driving or parking. Rear and front collision detection systems keep pedestrians, vehicles, and surrounding property seen and safe.


Make a bold statement with seamless aesthetics.

We’ve eliminated the rivets to give you a perfectly smooth exterior, so your graphics are big, bold, and impactful. It’s a large vehicle for your marketing message, which builds business while you’re busy making money. Lower body fiberglass cladding also improves durability and is simple and inexpensive to replace if needed.



Body SizeWheelbaseGVWRCubic FeetPayloadBody Width
12'159"9,350 lbs.6102,500 lbs.88.5"


Additional options available. For a complete list, contact a Utilimaster Sales Representative.


Partner with Utilimaster to custom build a versatile Velocity R2 vehicle to keep your business moving in the right direction.

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