Traditionally built on a cutaway chassis, Utilimaster’s Utilivan is the industry-standard for medium-duty commercial delivery.


Built utilizing traditional FRP or aluminum, as well as a variety of composite materials such as DuraPlate, Utilimaster Utilivans are designed to provide superior performance and versatility.


Two popular Utilivan options include the Crew Cab model and the Side Sliding Door with Stepwell model.


The innovative Crew Cab with side door seats up to 5 crew members, allowing a practical work and transportation solution. This option includes a window, bench seat, side swing door with interior step well and set-back walk-through bulkhead.


The industry-leading Utilivan with Side Sliding Door provides easy full-height access to the cargo area and convenient step down into the cab area. The stepwell is protected with superior tread plate.


Utilimaster Utilivan is available in:

  • Model Lengths: 10-17’ long
  • Model Heights: 72”, 78”, 84”, 90” high
  • Standard 96” wide, also available in 80” narrow body (10-14’ models only)


Standard Utilivan features include:

  • Single or dual rear wheel
  • Anti-rust galvanneal steel rear structure
  • 10-gauge rear sill
  • 12-gauge rear corner posts
  • Extruded aluminum top and bottom rails
  • 12” aerodynamic front top radius
  • Heavy-duty aluminum front corner castings
  • 5” radius extruded aluminum front corner posts (.100”)
  • 3” formed c-channel on 16” centers
  • 2”x5” steel tube long sills
  • 2”x6” pine flat floor
  • 8” tread plate bumper
  • 0.032” aluminum one-piece roof
  • 1” anti-snag galvanized roof bows on 24” centers
  • 88” wide rear door opening with flush rear entry (DRW only)
  • ICC running lights and reflectors
  • Rear roll-up door
  • Complete body undercoating
  • Rear mud flaps
  • Body factory-mounted on chassis


Utilimaster’s highly modular cargo area provides maximum versatility and design capabilities. With options like interior fold-up or fixed shelving, E-track, cargo load bars, work counters, bins and compartments, each Utilimaster product is as unique as its user.


Utilimaster’s team will work with you to develop a specification that meets your needs.


Product Literature: Utilivan