Walk-in Van

Built on a strip chassis, Utilimaster’s walk-in van is the industry-standard for delivery and service vehicles.


Utilimaster’s highly modular cargo area and multiple door configurations provide maximum versatility and design capabilities. With options like interior fold-up or fixed shelving, E-track, cargo load bars, work counters, bins and compartments, each Utilimaster walk-in van is as unique as its user.


Lightweight aluminum construction provides a durable, rust-free body with lighter overall weight for increased payload capacity. Walk-in van components are heavy-duty and tested superior.


Low step-in height at the cab doors and rear door provide optimum entry and exit capacity. Full stand-up height in the cab and cargo areas offer a superior vehicle for an ergonomic workspace. Utilimaster’s walk-in van windshield provides superior visibility over any other product on the market.


Walk-in vans are available in:

  • Model Lengths: 12-30’ long
  • Model Heights:  81”, 85” high
  • Model Widths: 86.5”, 93.5” wide


Utilimaster’s team will work with you to develop a specification that meets your needs.


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Utilize Utilimaster's Online "Build My Truck" Configurator to design your walk-in van.


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Walk-in Van